Digital Printing

Digital Printing
Digital Printing
Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Printing by using digital printing is the opposite of the offset printing process, which means it is not necessary digital print plates and films, so the price is not measured by the material. Digital printing is more expensive than the starting offset printing press for printing in the least amount of volume. Print digital printing can be completed in a very quick time instead of using the offset method.

Some of the advantages of digital printing is the way:

  • Graphic design that you create can be printed directly in accordance with the wishes. Assurance results for sharpness and clarity of color images and text are determined by the quality of design that you create. Note that all the designs that you create should be in CMYK color format.
  • The time it takes to print a very brief, but this depends on the amount / number of prints.
  • The cost of production is cheaper than other printing method especially for small amounts.
  • Printing with the way digital printing is a printing method that is more environmentally friendly than the other way because the process of printing digital printing is a printing process that is most efficient in the use of paper, ink and other woods.

If you have a relatively small budget, then selecting Print Digital printing is the right choice for printing a modicum preformance.

As for the results, there was no significant difference to the results of offset printing and digital printing.

This Digital Printing can Produce:
- Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets, Business Cards, Letterhead.
- Magazines, Annual Reports, Handbook.
- Books, Catalogs, Invitations, Cards.
- Sticker, Label.
- Etc.