Offset Printing

Offset Printing
Offset Printing
Offset Printing

Offset printing

Is a way for printing large quantities and in general has been done for commercial purposes. Characteristic of the offset printing that required the use of film and printing plates (aluminum plate) which will be used as a medium for the transfer document to be printed to the media surface paper, plastic, etc.. dukumen to be printed and filled in ink on roll machine.

Offset printing has a high enough price if the volume of printing in the category a bit, because it requires an offset printing plates and film. The plate represents one area of ??the document, the color and type. More and more types of documents and the colors used, the amount of fees to be paid even bigger. In addition to plate, offset printing prices are also determined by the type of paper, color blend, paper size and color quality.

Offset printing excellence by:

  • The prints on the quality of the color is much more durable (not quickly fade) than using digital print.
  • Price Printing in much quantity would be much cheaper than the digital prints.
  • Can do printing on various media types of paper surfaces that can not be done by digital machines, such as the thickness of the paper can print up to 400gr, capable of printing on patterned areas such as Samson, Embossed / Engrave paper, recycle paper, it can print on paper sizes up to 100 x 70 cm.
  • Can print on paper that is relatively thin field as it is often used for NCR Memorandum Book, HVS & Dorslag
  • Can use the ink manifold Gold, Silver, and when printing with a color gradient gray (grayscale) then the result will be far more accurate than digital printing.
  • Can print with ink Full Block with sharp and uneven results. Printing ink by means of this block is often used for the manufacture of negative type design.
Services that can be printed by offset machine including:
- Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets, Business Cards.
- The book, catalog, handbook.
- Memorandum, Invoicing, Invoice.
- Letterhead, Envelopes, Cards, Invitations.
- Etc.